Heritage of the Americas Museum

Heritage of the Americas Museum

  • Wed Apr 18
  • 11:00 am

  • 12110 Cuyamaca College Drive West, El Cajon 619-670-5194
  • $2.00 admission
This small museum is tucked away on the campus of Cuyamaca College near the Water Conservation Garden. It was founded by Bernard Lueck in 1993. There are four rectangular rooms filled with artifacts and educational information. The wings are: Natural History, Archeology, Anthropology and an Art wing. Of special interest is a headdress given by the Sioux Nation to Charles Lindbergh, Cheyenne Chief Thundercloud's buffalo council robe and a Nez Perce dentalium shell dress worn during a meeting with President Roosevelt.

Gardens surround the museum along with a Garden Patio. There are tropical as well as rare and endangered desert plants. There are more than 200 exotic trees on the property.

DIRECTIONS: (TG 1271- I6) Use the Cuyamaca College Drive West exit from Jamacha Road. HI way 8 east to Second Street in El Cajon (also named Jamacha Road/HI way 54) Go south. Turn north on Cuyamaca College Drive West -go to the second driveway. Circle the building and park near the flagpole…entrance to the building. If Coming by way of HI way 94 east, name changes to HI way 54. Turn north on Cuyamaca College Drive west - go to the SECOND driveway. THERE IS A SMALL SIGN THAT SAYS MUSEUM. Circle the building and park near the flagpole… entrance to the building. (The first driveway goes into the Water Conservation Garden.)

Contact: Barbara Shramek 619-286-1250 - bjshramek@aol.com