Senior Monday at the R.H. Fleet

Senior Monday at the R.H. Fleet

  • Mon Nov 6
  • R.H. Fleet Science Center at Balboa Park
River of Doubt
Imax Film:
Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

In 1914 Theodore Roosevelt embarked, unknowingly, into the most difficult task of his adventurous life: to descend the uncharted River of Doubt in the far reaches of Western Brazil, braving the harsh environment and hostile tribes. Over a century later a team executed an expedition to retrace the original route in celebration of this great feat. Join us this month to discover more about this historic expedition led by Professor Marc Meyers. In this lecture we will gain insight about the collection of biological specimens that the team found and the comparison of the present and the past century by using Roosevelt’s original detailed report of geography, fauna, flora, and native inhabitants.