Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Happy Hour - Peohe’s

  • Thu Sep 30
  • 4 - 6 PM
  • Peohs’s Restaurant
    1201 1st St. (Ferry Landing), Coronado 619-437-4474

We always enjoy PEOHE’S in the summer. It’s located at the Ferry Landing in Coronado. Happy hour prices on appetizers and drinks. The scenery is perfect, the weather should be lovely, hopefully the tourists minimal and free parking. Join us for a great evening, good friends, conversation and laughs. Hope to see you there.

Contact: Nance Thielen 619-261-8635

Torrey Pines schedules Happy Hours once per month at different locations throughout the county. Come and socialize with your fellow club members while enjoying happy hour pricing a new location. Come and bring a friend.